In a world that is moving away from the conventional IT model of computing on premise, to a power in cyberspace known as “cloud computing”, how will you stand up to the competition?  Will you be able to keep up with the way information will be handled as more and more companies use cloud computing as a competitive weapon?  Are you struggling to give employees access to critical information?  Need to shrink your capital budget during this economic downturn?  Would you like to eliminate the ongoing costs of traditional on-premises applications like software maintenance and upgrades?  Want to achieve high-quality solutions with limited capital?

The solution to these concerns and more can be found in computing that is accessed over the Internet as “clouds” of computing power that become your server and data center – to be used when and where you need it.  Cloud computing or software-as-a-service (SAAS) allows your business to grow in a pay-as-you-go environment, without the expense of buying servers, PC and software licenses for new employees and new locations.  Accessed on demand from any location and through a variety of devises, inexpensive and easy to use applications can save you significant time and dollars.  Implementing mail, calendar, instant messaging,  video integration, and online collaboration tools for sharing information are all at your fingertips.  Cloud computing is not only an option for a large corporate environment where eliminating the need to build a new data center could save millions, it can be a huge benefit to small businesses, start-ups or entrepreneurial endeavors where there are budgetary barriers and growth spurts.

Infospace Management & Consulting, is an IT solution provider located in the Metrowest area of Massachusetts that would like to take you to the next level of computing “in the cloud.”  Specializing in evaluating, building and managing custom online systems and web applications for businesses, Infospace Management uses cost containment strategies, project management solutions and cloud services such as Google apps, collaboration technology, and social networking delivered in a secure way. On top of which, our mission is to offer these high-end technical resources at discount prices to new and recurring managed service clients with a level of customer service that we feel is second to none. Our technical services model focuses on three areas which we refer to as the PRO Criteria:

  • Performance – Improve client productivity
  • Resources – Minimize or eliminate cost of traditional on-premises applications within budget
  • Organization – Customize solutions according to individual business needs for best suitability and optimal success

Today’s economic trends have changed, forcing many companies and individuals to downsize or reorganize their assets in order to meet their bottom line goals. As a result, there are a glut of new businesses, social enterprises and self-employed professionals entering the market.  We believe that the solution to what is ailing the economy is not found in merely creating new jobs, but more importantly in finding new ways of doing business.  We provide flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable fee to realize the highest net dollar from their assets. During the early stages of our venture, we are reaching out to entrepreneurs like you to offer our expertise in helping you exploit the power of cloud computing, social networking and other web-based technology to give you the technological edge to survive in today’s market.

If you, or your company, are thinking of updating your current technology needs to fully utilize the power of the Internet and gain the edge over your competition, we would like to meet with you to discuss your objectives and how our services may be of help in obtaining your overall goals.